Monday, September 10, 2007


The next Kettlebell Masterclass is in London ( Beckton) at the
East London Gymnastics Centre,
Thursday 4th October 6.15-9-15

You have to ignore all of the hype, kettlebelling will become popular because its easy. Almost everyone can master the major moves in about three hours. Hence Crossfit London's easy to access Kettlebell skills master class, for Beginners (normal people like you) and Fitness Instructors. Almost all competent fitness instructors, who deploy dumbbells in their teaching, easily manage to introduce this to their clients after attending this class ( it has been awarded three REPS CPD points).

But this class is unique as Crossfit London presents the


a great opportunity to compare and contrast the kettlebell approaches of Crossfit London with the original Russian techniques taught by Pavel( and a bit of Cotter), as Crossfit Londons Andrew Stemler and Russian kettlebell Coach, Jamie Lloyd expose the secrets of kettlebelling in an insane 3 hours of quality tuition and mind expanding learning drills and discussions: ideal for beginners"Our three hour class is just £30
What you will learn

Here's a taster of what you'll learn in the Masterclass:
1) The Swing. The foundation of Kettlebell training, stength, "cardio", core stability
2) The Clean. An interesting but over hyped drill. An essential half way stop before pressing
3) The Snatch. Develop co-ordination, power, balance and awesome levels of fitness. Once you have mastered high rep snatching all other gym machines seem, erm, silly. ( except the Concept 2)
4)The Turkish Getup. There is nothing more exhausting than being thrown on the floor and then getting up again. its the same with the TGU, except with weight
5)Presses. For a strong, muscular upper body, the various kettlebell presses cannot be beaten ( well, they can, but we will tell you a bit more about that at the event
6) The Windmill sure, its nicked from yoga, but, with an off centre weight above you, windmilling becomes way more fun.

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