Thursday, July 21, 2005

Kettlebell Risk assessment

Hi everyone,

We are trying to write a basic risk assessment for the use of kettlebells: We are stuck on one particular aspect which is.......

what is the minimum safe zone to the front or back of a kettlebell swinger?

In other words, if when swinging your bell upwards/forwards, you let go when it had the maximum forward thrust, how far would it go: also, on the down swing, how far could it go behind a swinger?

Could you all do me a favour? Could you find a bit of field or park and swing your kettlebells and let it go ( once you have checked no one is around) and see how far it goes, forward and backwards? could you email me back.............. how far, kettlebell weight/ your weight ( in kilos).

Thank you

London again

Well they've gone and bombed london again. Hope everyone is safe.

Worth while keeping fit, you never know when you may have to pull yourself out of a hole, or pick up others and get them to safety.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Well we have actually started selling tickets

well we,ve actually got our ticket order form typed out now, so if you want to order a ticket for the 1st september seminar, email Andrew or Karl and you will have an order form zoomed to your computer, rather than just a second rate " we've reserved you a ticket" email.

We are going up in the world.

We are starting work on the next two seminars, 2nd one will be kettlebells, and the third will be basic gymnastics, (handstands, possibly rings) the 4th will be dumbell exercises .

What else do you lot need help on. We will be staging these seminars at any gym that will have us, so if you have a cool gym or a hall at work that could accommodate 20 (ish) crossfitters, let us know.

We want to spread the events all over London

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Whats in store

This is an example of the teaching methods of our main speaker, Steve Seapker

Image hosted by

Monday, July 11, 2005

Photographers needed

On thet 1st of September, the first CrossFit London seminar takes place.

To fully document this occasion Andrew, Karl and Davie would like to ask everyone that is able to, to bring a camera. We want to have as many photographs of this and all subsequent seminars as possible

If you can bring a camera, please do so and any photographs that you take can be emailed to us at any of the email addresses above, or to


Saturday, July 09, 2005

Andrews off to Scotland

On Monday , Tuesday and Wednesday,( 11-13 July) Andrew will be in Scotland taking his kettlebell instructor course, so won't be at his computer speedily answering your emails: if you need to reserve tickets or chat, Karls in the driving seat.

Also we are putting on the web site, Davies Email address: Davie was one of the early CrossFitters getting the coach down from Motherwell, Scotland to train with a small group of CrossFitters in Sidcup led by Karl. Super guy, great trainer: you'll see him at the September seminar as well.

Keep safe.


Friday, July 08, 2005

Our main speaker, steve seapker

here is a little bit about our main trainer for the 1st Septmember seminar. I met steve at the last certification at Santa Cruz and wanted him to lead the first crossfit seminar in this country. H e taught the olympic lifts in the last crossfit seminar. It was a pleasure to watch him in action: he is a great guy and a superb teacher. Seeing Steve teach will give you some idea as to the quality of instruction and teaching excellence that crossfit offers .

You will walk out of the 1st of septemeber a more skilled person. Simple as that.

Steve Seapker

Former Marine/ Police Officer
Teaching/Practicing the Olympic lifts
under senior International Coach Mike Burgener since 1996
Certified Senior Level Coach USA Weightlifting
Coached Junior Men’s & Women’s weightlifting squads @ US Olympic training centers in Colorado Springs, CO and San Diego, CA

Why I Crossfit…

" First and foremost it’s just plain fun! Secondly, and I suppose more importantly for me personally, is that Crossfit workouts are designed to illicit a high level of fitness in a short period of time. This in turn affords me more to time to train/perfect the skills that I need to safely perform my job everyday. The Crossfit workouts help keep me mentally and physically sharp; one step ahead of the criminals I contact on a daily basis. I credit the Crossfit community, Coach Greg and Lauren Glassman and the rest of the HQ staff for keeping me and my partners safe and allowing me to come home to my wife every night. "

Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Attacked.


sad to hear that so soon after good news, we have the bad news that a series of expolsions have damaged parts of London: I hope you , your family and friends, and indeed everyone, gets through this safe and unharmed.

keep safe


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Olymic Crossfit

I think its a good indicator of things to come, to find out that we booked a venue for the first crossfit semianr right in the centre of the Olmpic Borough, Newham: the relationship between the olympic sports of running, sprinting, throwing, gymnastics, weight lifting and crossfit methodology is fairly obvious. Lets hope that our would be olympians incorporate crossfit into their training .

It great that we will be staging the 2012 olympics and let hope this encourages everyone to be fitter, faster, stronger, and to match those skills with agility accuracy, timing and balance.

Not to forget a little bit of mental determination to succeed in the face of adversity.

Keep on reading, keep on training


Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The final price

well after taking VAT and room hire and speaker fee etc etc, into account we agreed on a price of £15. If you are a UK crossfitter, who is having a hard financial time and really wants to come, drop me a line at or karl on and I will do my best to help.

In about 24 hours the tickets should be on sale through the London kettlebells web shop, and the main crossfit web site.( see the links)

If you want to pay by cheque or have them reserved, drop me or karl a line on or

Just to let you go, if we make any money, it will just go into further promotions to get future good speakers and make a proper London/UK community.


Monday, July 04, 2005

Money and tickets.

we will be in a position to start selling tickets in a few days time: we want to keep the cost to £10, but we may have to go as high as £15. ( we are waiting for a price on training sticks, refreshments and printing leaflets and posters)

When we have fixed the final price, you will be able to get them from the main crossfit site in america, or the london kettlebell site.

If you urgently want to reserve a ticket, email and I will make sure one is put aside for you. Do not send any money or credit card details until its all properly set up.

Well, weve gone and booked a room

well, we are striding ahead: we've booked two badminton courts and the projectile room at the Newham Leisure Centre for our 1st ever Crossfit Seminar.

This is an important venue because its the same place where Fred Frost teaches a weights session. Its hijacked these days by bench pressers, and over the next few months, we are going to push the class back to an olympic weight lifting one: Fred loves teaching it.( he likes bench pressing too... but, hey, its not a patch on a good clean and jerk)

So 1st september, the Newham Leisure Centre, London E13. We will post maps and transport arrangements soon. aimimg for ropund about 7pm, but we will have guys on site from about 5.30 if you want to hang out

the main presenter for the evening will be US policeman and former marine, Steve Seapker who happens to be a very very good olympic weights coach and passionate crossfitter.

More info later

Sunday, July 03, 2005

1st September 2005

Well, it looks as if this could be a a major date in the formal launching of the crossfit movement in London. So, put the 1st September in your diarys ( thats Thursday evening, reserve 6.30 to 10, and expect to be somewhere in london).

We will have decided upon a proper venue by the end of the week.

We have lots of things planned, but the core feature of the evening will be a 2 hour olympic weight lifting seminar by Steve, who will have come hot foot from the states with the latest in the snatch, the clean and that how to do that murderous overhead squat.

If you want to help, and have the qualifications that mean you can, drop andrew or karl a line. If not keep an eye out for the limited amount of tickets that we will have to sell. The price will probably be between £10-£15, but, we yet have to find out how much our venue will cost.

We have yet to work out how we are going to sell tickets: so if you are anxious to reserve one, drop us a line through this site, or via the crossfit message board

Saturday, July 02, 2005

A possible mission statement.

This is not the final version, but , the mission of crossfit london is to support and empower anybody in the target area who wishes to participate in crossfit work outs by arranging communal access to the basic skills necessary to carry out the workouts competantly and safely.

To this end we will organise a series of public meetings which will attempt to guide people through the basic skills and the use of those items of equipement that are fundamental to crossfit workouts.

Some meeting will be free and some will be charged for, reflecting merely our ability to attract labour donations, marketing sponsorship, and negotiate room hire and equipement charges.

We wish to compile a list of suitably qualified individuals who are viewed as expert, in this country, to instruct on the basic components of crossfit.

so if you are a qualified gymnast, ring specialist, olympic weight lifter, runner, athlete, sports scientist or any sport trainer who has something to offer, do contact us.

Our job is to create a community. Do come and be part of it