Monday, December 26, 2005

Crossfit and the New York Times.


It was interesting to read the following article in the New York Times. Some of the people who have read it think its great publicity, others think its an attack. If you have any views, post away.

If you follow this link, you can read the article on the New York Times web site. Its free to register.
  • New York Times

  • ( I have tried several times to get this link right, sorry if it doesnt get you there this time... you can look up the main site and , look under the comments on 27th december 2005)

    Monday, December 19, 2005

    Happy Christmas

    We hope all Crossfitters have a super Christmas and a hard training New year

    Thursday, December 01, 2005

    2006 seminars

    Temporary Newsletter
    1 December 2005

    (For those looking for seminar photos, scroll down past this article)

    Thanks to everyone who showed up at the Bethnal Green Seminar: you can find some pictures at

    For the New Year we have the following two sessions booked At the East London Gymnastics Centre

    How to Muscle up
    Tuesday January 24th 8-9.30pm.

    This session will focus on the drills, progressions and equipment necessary to develop the pull up, dip and finally, the muscle up. You should be able to do a few pull ups before attending. (Get on a gravitron/assisted pull up machine now!)

    This session is limited to 8 people and will be held at the East London Gymnastics Centre. It will be taught by Alex, the Centres main gymnastics coach (and strength fanatic) assisted by Andrew Stemler.

    £15 per person

    The “Big” Seminar
    Thursday 20th April. 7-9.30.

    This is the “must attend” event for 2006

    We are privileged to welcome Jeff Martin to the UK, who runs one of the most successful Crossfit affiliate operations in the states.

    To understand a bit more about Jeff’s own abilities visit

    Jeff will teach this seminar, which promises to be an enthralling 2 ½ hours that will cover both Olympic weight lifting and gymnastics and be quality CrossFit at its best.


    If you want to attend either or both events, drop me an email on

    I have no doubt that the muscle up session will be over subscribed: So I’ll work it on a first come first served basis, but I’ll collect names after that, and arrange another session in February.


    I hope to be able to announce the formal launch of Crossfit Islington soon: apparently there is a group of 5 or so people who meet up on Saturday mornings and Crossfit, and we are just waiting for the word from the USA before going formal.


    Can anyone who is crossfitting in London, has a teaching qualification and fancy’s getting more involved with the spread of CrossFit, please drop me a line.


    I’m off to the states for a week as from Monday, (I’ll be back by the 13 December) so don’t be surprised if I don’t respond straight away to your emails.


    Crossfit London (Newham)